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Brands are facing a continuing proliferation of media channels and touchpoints and more demanding consumers, with more choice and more to say than ever before.

Brands that grow in this environment create meaningful differentiation, drive power in the mind and add value to people’s lives. They foster a competitive advantage that drives sales in the short-term and builds the brand in the long-term.

The Turnkey reports will help you to drive your brand growth with agile intelligence, that will transform the way you make decisions about your brand.

What is included in the Brand Image & Customer Experience Turnkey Reports

  • Brand Equity including awareness, positioning, brand foot print and image analysis

  • Analysis of the corporate reputation of the brand, including sustainability and environmental indexes

  • Customer Experience KPI: NPS, Customer Satisfaction Level and Engagement
  • A benchmarking is included.


Reports are updated every year

Analysis, affiliate of Kantar, has anticipated your needs and has produced turnkey reports for several markets and product categories.

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