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Great advertising deserves great media environments

Campaigns are seven times more impactful among a receptive audience. Find out which channels and platforms are most effective for your brand.

We’ve long known that the medium is part of the message and that it shapes and flavours how advertising is consumed and perceived. People’s reactions to the context in which they see an ad can make or break a campaign. Media Reactions provides a comprehensive view of the current media landscape and shows you how to navigate it.

The workshop Media Reactions will enable Advertisers, Agencies as well as Publishers to optimise their media strategies, taking into account not only Audience performance but also the perceptions about different media environments.

The Media Reactions workshop, based on unique local and international research, Media Reaction, offers essential guidance for media strategy and campaign planning. It uncovers the platforms that will work best for your brand.

The 2021 survey spoke to over 900 marketing professionals from advertiser, agency and media companies around the world. The consumer survey is based on over 14,500 interviews in 23 markets, including in Mauritius 450 interviews.



Workshop will be delivered by Virginie Villeneuve-Anaudin, Analysis Kantar Partner & Head of Strategy and Media Intelligence, and Soondaram Naiken Lutchmanen, Research Director, Audience & Mediaplan Lead.

Media Reactions Workshops explores three strategic dilemmas that marketers are facing around the world, as well as in Mauritius :

  • The digital dilemma

    Accelerated by the pandemic, digital media consumption and media spend have exploded over the last 12 months. However, worldwide consumers are still generally less positive about digital ads, so the risk of increasing irritation rises unless marketers select the best digital channels and formats

  • The global dilemma

    Working with heavyweight global media platforms provides many advantages, including consistency across markets, ease of buying and impressive targeting capabilities. However, local media brands have the highest ad equity in many markets around the world.

  • The innovator’s dilemma

    In the dynamic world of media, innovation is imperative for success – but it needs to be authentic and fit with the brand’s personality.

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