Employee Engagement

The job market is volatile, populations are aging, there is a labour shortage and a scarcity of talents. Retaining employees has also become harder because businesses are faced with a high willingness to change jobs more often, and with high expectations related to “what’s in for me” which does not only mean salary, but also working environment, learning and development opportunities as well as expectations to climb up the career ladder fast.

Although employees and employee engagement have always been a focus area for companies and HR, it needs a redefined focus on people management to respond to the challenges mentioned.

To attract, retain and engage employees you need to manage employee experiences along the whole employee life cycle, especially in the moments that matter and measure their perception of organisational performance. Based on a human-centric approach, we gather employees’ needs and desires to create an employee experience with moments that truly matter to their development and career path. These moments need to provide unexpected delight to inspire employees, to drive satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and retention.


Understanding the employee life cycle is crucial for finding opportunities to improve the employees experiences. It will give employees the feeling that they are known as individuals, their expectations and issues are heard and valued, and that the company takes care of their experience. We believe that the strategic TRI*M HiPO survey will be an important tool in the continuous listening strategy of your company. It measures the overall memorable employee experiences with a brands’ organisational performance – satisfaction, pride, believe in the future of the company and leadership. With its holistic view, it highlights the moments and issues that matter most to your staff and helps your leaders to prioritise investments and change initiatives.


Kantar helps you identify the moments that matter most to your employees as well as optimize these moments. Through experienced Kantar people, we offer pragmatic, hands-on advice and support for your EX program. Our deep understanding of human beings and organisational development enables us to guide you in becoming a high performing organisation. You benefit from global best practices and a team that functions as a strongly motivated extension of your team.