Price Promotion Monitor

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Are your sales and promotions appealing enough to attract the Mauritian shopper?

  • 72%* of Mauritian households have been financially impacted by COVID-19. As at August 2020, there has been a decrease in revenue from -16% to -23%.
  • 84%* of consumers are more conscious of prices and are looking for the best deals. Budget management has now become a priority for Mauritian families.

It is thus important to have the right offers for the Mauritian consumer.

*Kantar C-19 Barometer May – September 2020

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Developed by IDS, the digital lab of Kantar, the Price Promotion Monitor (PPM) is an online platform that analyses sales and promotions of your product category across all Mauritian supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Simple, effective, and affordable! PPM, your no. 1 tool to boost your sales and improve your market share!

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PPM’s unique features

  • Monitor active sales and promotions per product category
  • Compare sales and promotions on the market
  • Across points of sale, per product category and sub-category
  • Crosscheck and keep track of your inserts in supermarkets or hypermarkets’ brochures
  • Bonus: cross analysis per product category and brand, so you can adapt and improve your strategies