Pulse Survey

Carry out your Pulse Survey (online) in less than 2 weeks through MyVoice, our online panel.

Kantar’s Pulse Survey (online): what is it?

Optimise your budget and carry out your market survey in just two weeks via our online community, MyVoice.

In uncertain times, it is more than important to be in regular contact with your consumers in order to better adapt your offer, prices and communication.
Kantar’s online Pulse Surveys can now allow you to gain key insights in just 15 days, while maintaining a high level of quality and confidentiality.

Our Pulse Surveys allow you to:
  • Gauge the acceptability of a new price
  • Test the attractiveness of a new concept or packaging
  • Test an advertising campaign and visuals
  • Measure brand awareness
  • Collect opinions on a specific project
  • Assess interest for a new offer

Since 2019, Kantar has set up an online community, which has grown significantly in 2020.
MyVoice is an online panel which brings together thousands of Mauritians from various socio-economic categories, all across the country.

Through MyVoice, you can quickly carry out research studies and surveys with national samples or specific samples, depending on your needs.

Regularly updated, our MyVoice panel has been implemented and set up according to Kantar’s international standards:

  • Respect of personal information
  • Possibility to set up national quotas
  • Specific consumers’ profiles
  • Regular updates of the panel and quality control of profiles

Online penetration and usage have become widely democratised in 5 years, where we have 1,246,300 subscriptions with 307, 200 “broadband” subscriptions in Mauritius.