Trends & Societal Studies
Reports and workshops

Understand people and communities

Ensure your brand, innovation, and communications planning are tapping into trends. Be confident that your portfolio and innovation strategy are aligned with the size and shape of future demand. And future-proof your business strategy, and identify the big bets that will drive long term growth.

The Societal & Trends Studies will enable you to :

  • Understand the aspirations and challenges of the various segments of the population to adapt your programmes and strategies

  • Identify Behavioural Insights & Develop Efficient Communications

  • Help brands to better assess the uncertainties surrounding these trends and build up  resilience.



Our Societal & Trends studies provide a wide-angle view of the marketplace, helping you reimagine possibilities and unlock growth

Recent Studies

 GenZ: a  Deep-Dive Study to decrypt the Mauritians < 25 years

Published October 2021

Food Consumption Trends : new  trends v/s traditional habits

May 2022

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