Sustainable Transformation

Is sustainability important to your business?

Since the UN Sustainability Development Goals were announced in 2015, there has been an increase in sustainability awareness on both a brand and consumer level. Analysis Kantar has developed a Sustainable Transformation Framework to enable business leaders to manage the six pillars required to operate in a sustainable way.

We give you support in the development of your Sustainable Strategy, based on market facts and figures : 

  • Which sustainability topics really matter to consumers – to clarify how this is impacting your category and business.

  • Which Sustainable Development Goals your brand can credibly address, within your category – to pinpoint which SDGs you can align your brand purpose with.

  • Which sustainable behaviours consumers are engaging in and which they’re struggling with – to highlight opportunities to solve these tensions and make it easier for consumers to choose your brand.

  • How you can target the right consumer sub-segments – to help you build activation plans against different sustainability audiences


Where to Play?

We are at an inflection point and now is the time to act.  Sustainable Transformation is about the future
of business and is increasingly located at the very heart of Business and Brand Purpose.

How we can help?

Study: Sustainable Consumption – 2023
Workshop: Where to Play?

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